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Do you Tuja? We do! Tuja Wellness is an amazing health & wellness guide founded in 2009. Tuja does all the homework for you, seeking out the absolute best health and wellness vendors across Canada, allowing each an everyone of us the opportunity and knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices. How awesome is that! Tuja is a ‘must save’ to your Bookmark Bar. Do it now!


Marissa Young is Tuja’s Kelowna ‘Connector’ and we caught up with her for a little Q&A.

How did you first get into yoga? I was a dancer for 13 years. I had to give it up in high school in order to start working, and missed it to pieces. I stumbled upon yoga at a local yoga studio in Saskatoon, my hometown, and got hooked ever since!

Tell us about Tuja Wellness? Tuja wellness is an online health and wellness website that showcases the best-of-the-best in healthy living all across Canada!

What is Tuja all about and how did it get started? It’s all about community. We love to bring people together and support local restaurants, yoga studios, shops, agriculture, etc. It all started in 2009 as Healthy Living Canada, and was supposed to be strictly based in Calgary. It has much evolved since then into an amazing team of over 30 people!

What cities does Tuja cover? Tuja Wellness covers all the major cities from East to West. Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Banff/Canmore, Kelowna and Vancouver.

We live in the era of quick fix pharmaceuticals… How does the wellness movement come into play? We try to provide natural wellness remedies and tips for healthy living, as opposed to turning to over-the-counter prescriptions. Our column “everyday mindfulness” teaches people how to meditate and take time out of their lives to be present and zen. We also feature delicious recipes and weekly smoothie blends.

Is Ben & Jerry’s ‘Cherry Garcia’ ice cream vegan? Nope…but I won’t tell if you won’t!


We understand that you have assumed the ‘connector’ role at tuja wellness? What exactly does that involve? Being a City Connector involves hunting down vendors in your city to be featured on the website, attending local wellness related events, and so much more. We also get some pretty sweet perks and get to set our own hours. Lunchbox yoga anyone?

What are some of your ‘go to’ spots in Kelowna? My go-to spots include The Boh, RaudZ and Fernando’s for food, and Summerhill Winery for some sunshine and wine time! My rooftop patio isn’t a bad place either to hang out for a weekend evening.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Avocado margaritas and vegetarian tacos.

How would you describe Kelowna as far as its rank of Canadian cities when it comes to health and wellness? I would say that Kelowna is right up there in the health and wellness industry. Top 5 forsure. There are a multitude of great yoga studios, restaurants and places to hike, bike and swim! Sunshine tax…worth it.

If you had only 5 ingredients to make a healthy meal, what would they be? Sprouts, avocados, spinach, nutritional yeast and pinto beans! Add in some olive oil and you got yourself a veggie fiesta!

What plans does tuja have for the future? We’ll be having some awesome summer contests, as well as a smoothie challenge coming up in the fall…Stay tuned!

Where can we find Tuja on the web? and you can also find us on Facebook.



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