The New HOT Social Media Platform: STELLER

The Hot Box Yoga, known for their social media presence, has jumped on the new Steller platform. The story telling app has under gone a huge makeover as of late March 2015 and although it’s been around since 2014, the new interface is better and makes editing and creating that much simpler. 

Steller allows users to upload videos, photos, and add text to create a storybook experience on mobile. Users can create Steller stories based around an event, a party, or their own creative projects (like a cookbook for a specific recipe). Users can re-arrange their stories, add themes, and even make some granular changes to the look and feel before publishing them to Steller and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Hot Box has several new stories available for viewing, with incredible photos by Lululemon lead photographer Miles Clark lending his incredible talents. 

Check them out on Steller.


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