Kate Middleton does yoga

Kate Middleton is doing her best to stay healthy.

The British beauty is expecting her first child with husband Prince William, and is doing her best to look after her body during the pregnancy.

Sources say that Kate swapped her extensive exercise regimen for yoga, and morning walks with her dog Lupo.


“She had a yoga instructor visit her at Kensington Palace once a week,” a source said.

Kate also made sure to keep her diet as healthy and fresh as possible, and enjoyed meals of codfish, chicken or turkey, according to the magazine. She also snacked on dried fruit and nuts.

“She’s never been an unhealthy eater,” said the source.

Kate even traded in her daily coffee to Starbucks decaf, and also drank tea.

“Kate did not like the idea of not drinking coffee,” a palace insider said.

-Showbiz Spy


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