Feel Your Body to the Music by Paul Smith


Nowadays, a lot of people who care about their health know the benefits of yoga. But there is a snag: not everyone can achieve the main goal of yoga – relaxation and peace, the cognition of one’s self and the universe. Many people think, they are not able of achieving this goal, and what is worse, they come to a categorical conclusion that yoga is just a waste of a precious time. Moreover, some think that music for yoga is the most useless invention of mankind. This is a big mistake.

Yoga is really useless if people cannot follow its requirements and rules. Those who can practice the ancient doctrine, get the priceless benefits from the lessons. All schools and forms of yoga are mainly aimed at the awakening and regulation of human energy. This energy has acquired the name of “kundalini yoga”.


In ancient times, everyone, who performed yoga, made physical exercises, and also worked on the improvement of his/her attitude to the world.

With the time passed, these exercises and conceptions have changed. Each of the students tried to choose the most convenient option. Some of them performed the physical exercises without paying attention to the mantra, or simply performed the mantra meditation without controlling the breathing. You may talk endlessly about breathing in yoga and with great appreciation, getting surprised over the possibilities and consistency of the ancient teaching… to breathe in the right way.

Total relaxation of the whole organism is the basis of yoga. It is difficult for the beginners to relax to such a degree, what requires the proper performance of yoga. That is why music is so important while performing this philosophical exercise to your body. Music during yoga may help overcome the excessive tension of all the systems of the body caused by the everyday stress of the city life. Due to that, the professional instructors recommend to thoroughly select the audio records, used in yoga practice.

In order not to fall asleep during meditation, or, on contrary, not to be too much absorbed in the thoughts, you can meditate to the music. It helps create the necessary spiritual mood for relaxation and meditation while not requiring the extraordinary efforts from the person performing it. Relaxation occurs gradually and unobtrusively, what is very important for the beginners, who used to relax with the spurts and willpower.

Music for yoga may not be used in yoga practice only if it irritates a specific person. The most suitable musical compositions for yoga practice are recordings of the sound of rain, the beating of the sea waves against the pier, singing of the birds, rustling of the leaves or hissing of the waterfall. The sounds of nature namely soothe and contribute to the full relaxation.

It is a disputable question, whether music may or not be switched on while performing yoga. The correctly chosen music for yoga is certainly to help you radically change your attitude towards yoga, and make it out of the routine necessity into the healthy hobby.


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