Can’t wait for Wanderlust?!? Steph Wall shares her ‘trip’…

SW3-Quick Preset_600x448“I watched you practice, you were really good! I could see you just glowing girl!” Said Baron Baptiste.

“I can feel your energy. You have a really good energy.” Said Michael Franti.

I almost fainted on these two occasions, not because I was “star struck” as most people would assume but because I experienced “Namaste” at it’s finest. The Light in them saw the Light in me. When people you admire and aspire to recognize something beautiful so deep inside you, there is no other word that comes to mine besides humbling. It was in these moments of interaction with these two strong forces that I really, truly, deeply understood the power of what’s inside me. Inside my heart, inside my mind and inside my body, which I express to my fullest through the practice of Yoga. Not that someone of lesser stature complementing my energy wouldn’t mean just as much, but to hear those words from people so inspiring to me really shook my core. Yes. The sweet seed deep inside me that I feel blossoming as I become more at peace with myself, my experiences and the world, is visible to those who just met me. I wonder who else can see it….

But these experiences are far from consuming the totality of my impression of Wanderlust. Women, men, children, elders, teachers, student, musicians and everyone in between all came together for 4 days of movement. Movement of the body, the soul and the heart. From powerful words leaving the lips of renowned teachers, to the sweet strumming of Spearhead’s guitar, I think it’s safe to say we were all moved in one way or the other. Practicing under the guidance of teachers like Seane Corne, Ryan Lier, Meghan Currie and Baron Baptiste was a gift of inspiration wrapped nicely with humility. The hypnotic melodies of Michael Franti & Spearhead, MC Yogi and Thievery Corporation kept us head bobbing, hip shaking and smiling. A highlight of Wanderlust for me, was the brilliant combo of Michael Franti & Spearhead’s upbeat, uplifting songs with the beautiful Seane Corn’s wisdom and talent, joining as one to lead us through a yoga practice. A warrior 1 followed by some hip swaying followed by clapping followed by a chaturanga kept the several hundred of us laughing, crying, and shouting “I love you!” We without a doubt all looked either high or drunk.

I couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to host this event besides my stunning home of Whistler. With the mountains as our backdrop we hopped from venue to venue to the well organized and well run class schedule. With a break in-between to check out Lululemon‘s “Front Yard” with swaying hammocks, sprawling cushions, music and snacks for us to relax in the summer sunshine before heading to the next class. The village was transferred from the hustle bustle of beautiful biker boys with Crankwords last week, to the chilled out, dreadlocked, Lululemon wearing yogis. Mats were everywhere. It was wonderful.

Why did Wanderlust have such a huge impact on me? Simple. I was acknowledged, reminded and confirmed of who the person is I want to be. The person I already am. Sometimes we just need to see a reflection of what our best selves looks like to remind ourselves of the obligation we have to be that person. Whether you see that reflection in another person, a place or an event, it’s the recognition of this vision that’s important. Regardless of whether you practice yoga or not, Wanderlust brings people together. It creates oneness. Unity. With each other, with the Earth, with ourselves. I want to live a life surrounded by like minded people. I want to live a life in the most beautiful place on Earth. I want to live a life of freedom and peace, sharing and love. Exactly what Wanderlust is about. And of course, yoga yoga yoga.

The light that Wanderlust brought, reflected the light in myself and although it’s nice to hear celebrities say it, it’s nicer to know that I can say it.

For those of you who experienced Wanderlust, I hope that the light in you is shining just as bright. And for those of you who missed out, well…it’s just as well Wanderlust loved Whistler and much as we loved Wanderlust….I’m sure we’ll be seeing more next year..

The light in me, sees the light in you.


 Steph Wall is an upbeat, travel bug yogi, wise beyond her years, hilariously and beautifully sharing her light through yoga and her amazing yoga teachings currently at The Hot Box Yoga.SW2-Quick Preset_600x600SW1-Quick Preset_600x400

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