Mimi on the Beach

You may notice a few changes to the walls of The Hot Box Yoga recently. The main wall of the lakefront lounge is now adorned with beautiful artwork provided by talented local artist Amelia (Mimi) Moylan. From studying Interior Design at Georgian College, Mimi went on to start her first business, Mimi Design and Construction – designing children’s bedrooms out of the ordinary with 3D elements coming off the walls, murals and custom furniture.
Mimi then moved to BC where she was hired on by Samesun Backpackers to travel to their locations in Banff, Kelowna, Vancouver and Venice Beach painting amazing murals and meeting some amazing people along the way.
Mimi had the opportunity to participate in Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival for first annual year doing a live art show! Knowing the talent she brings to the table, the Ponderosa crew recruited Mimi to help build the arts component of the festival by developing and coordinating new projects and getting other artists involved.

+ The Hot Box Studio Downtown Kelowna in Bernard ST
+ Showcased at Chai Baba Downtown Kelowna on Elise ST for the month of May 2014.
+ SameSun Kelowna, Banff and Vancouver.
+ Social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
+ This years Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival down in Rock Creek 2014

MY WEBSITE www.mimimoylanART.com

Mimi Moylan
Freelance Artist
T: 778-990-0004
E: mimi.moylan@gmail.com



Watch Jane Sibbery ‘Mimi on the Beach’ if you don’t understand the clever reference ;)

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