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We recently had a chance to sit down with Christina Ferreira, co-founder of Squeezed Wines. Christina is also a local Social Media extrodinaire, Okanagan Roller Derby athlete (she’s President of the OKRD) and an avid Yogi, practicing several times per week.


How did you first get into the wine industry?

I started working in winer tourism marketing (Okanagan Wine Festivals) in 2002.

How did Squeezed come about?

My brother (the winemaker) has been making wine for over 10 years and asked if myself and my sister would like to become partners in this project. It gave him an opportunity to be creative and have full control over the wine he’s making and myself the chance to get creative and run the marketing as I want to.

Did you ever imagine back in the beginning that the Okanangan wine industry would be where it is today?

No I didn’t expect it to be as big as it is today, I had assumed that it would be a big part of the Okanagan but not with the volume of wineries that we have today, and the fact that we continue to grow with new wineries opening almost daily I don’t think we’ve hit peak yet.

How many times have you seen the movie ‘Sideways’?

3 times

Do you like Merlot?

Yes, it’s one of my favourite grapes/wine.

You are a Social Media wiz! Where do we find you on Twitter?


What relaxes you more? Yoga or a good glass of wine?

Tough question… hmm, I’d have to say Yoga, to me wine is my work… how about we say first yoga then a glass of wine is the perfect combo for relaxation.

What varietal do you find the most difficult to grow?

Viognier as it’s quite sensitive, it has to be babied

Where can we find Squeezed wines in Kelowna?

Discover Wines and the Kelowna Wine Museum

You are also a Roller Derby athlete… How did that happen exactly?

3 years ago the OKRD was advertising that they were taking on Freshmeat. I was interested in checking out the sport and a friend of mine went and tried it out. Now I love it!

We see a lot of Roller Derby gals doing yoga these days, it must give you a competitive edge?

It definitely is helpful, the balancing postures help with balance and agility on our skates for sure. As well the deep stretching postures give us just what we need after all the drills we do. And the mind break is really helpful… hmm so many benefits of yoga!

What’s your ‘go to’ summer song?

To be honest (for those that know my roller derby name is Moxie Crue) so anything Motley Crue :)

What exciting events can we look forward to featuring Squeezed wines?

This year in Kelowna we are part of the Flower Power Tour (June 15), Okanagan Feast of Fields (Aug 18), Okanagan Food & Wine Film Festival (Sept 13-15).


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