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20130702-142926.jpgWe recently had a chance to chat with local musician and rising star ‘Windmills” aka Cory Myraas. The experimental loop musician is gaining a lot of attention in the Okanagan Valley and rightfully so… The kid is talented! Live looping, is the melodic layering of just-recorded musical loops as live performance, making each show slightly different, with slight variations and nuances limited only to Windmill’s (Cory’s) endless talent. With his James Dean good looks and rock star charm, the refreshingly humble Windmills appears to have a bright future, and his live shows are not to be missed.

Windmills stopped long enough to share some of his musical journey with us.

What first got you into music, was it always guitar?
- Nerd alert! I actually took Violin lessons when I was 10 or so… they lasted about 2 years before I lost complete interest. From there I taught myself to play piano one summer and a year later challenged myself to learn how to play guitar. My parents gave me an acoustic when I was 18 and I slowly and painfully taught myself to play. The strangest part was that after I stopped playing Violin I actually had an electric guitar that I didn’t play (for whatever reason I just liked to pretend to play it…) So who knows, maybe I could be some unreal guitar player had I started playing much earlier…

Who are you strongest childhood musical influences?
- I grew up listening to country music oddly enough (don’t tell anyone) and it wasn’t until I heard Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ album “Californication” and sang along with the tracks that I thought music was something I could maybe do on my own. But childhood influences range all over the place, I think I have John Denver lyrics permanently etched into my brain, thanks Dad, and all sorts of embarassing bands that you listen to when you’re younger and look back on and ask yourself what you were thinking…

What album is stuck in your CD player right now?
- Right now I have 3 in constant rotation: Alt-J‘s “An Awesome Wave”, Fyfe‘s “Solace – EP”, and then it’s a tie between Vampire Weekend‘s “Modern Vampires of the City”, and Wild Belle‘s “Isles”. So technically 4?

You reside in Vernon, how do you compare the Vernon music scene with what’s happening here in Kelowna?
- I was under the impression that Vernon didn’t really have much a music scene happening (mostly from jaded past experiences years ago), but I recently played a show on a Thursday night in Vernon and was shocked to see the amount of people that came out to listen to me. Maybe someone was paying them to show up, or maybe they were at the wrong place at the right time, or something. But I think there may be a slow resurgence happening in town, there are a few bands creeping out of the shadows. Kelowna has so much more going on weekly it seems, to naturally the scene is more exciting and consistently happening. And there’s a variety of venues that keep things fresh, which is always a great thing.

What was the most memorable concert in your lifetime?
- My own, or one that I’ve had the pleasure of attending?

-I went to Sasquatch this year and that was 5 days of musical bliss, I was able to see literally every single one of my favorite bands that were playing there along with some bands I never thought I’d have the chance to see. Highlights: Alt-J, Vampire Weekend, Father John Misty, Wild Belle, Bloc Party, and so many more.
-For myself, I’ve been fortunate enough to play some amazing shows, back in October of 2012 I opened for Andrew Allen for two nights at the Vernon Performing Arts Centre for 750 each night. That was the genesis of the fangirl era, and I’ve never signed so many assorted things in my life since. This past monday I played at Guilt & Company in Vancouver, and all of my closest friends roadtripped down with me (we were celebrating my birthday) and just being able to play with all of them in the venue, being in Vancouver, playing for a full-room, and having an entire bottle of champagne poured on me after my set (chapmagne birthday) made it an instant classic.

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Who would you rather go for dinner and drinks with… Thom Yorke or Chris Martin?
-Thom Yorke, musical genius, and have you seen his dance moves?

Where can we see you play this summer?
- Pick a venue and I’ll most likely be playing there, I’m finishing a June that saw a tonne of shows all over, I’m playing Kelown’a first ever official Diner en Blanc at a secret location July 4th, I’m making noise at Habitat July 5th for Awesome Okanagan’s Summer Kick-Off Festival (10pm – after Keloha ends), a block party in Vernon July 13th, Habitat’s “High Tide” fashion show July 19th, Taste of Edmonton July 25th, and some other Alberta dates, Minstrel Cafe, an Orchard concert, this radical couple has asked me to play their radical wedding, some August dates all over, Vancouver, Victoria, you name it.

What is your most coveted musical possession?
-It’s a tie between my DL4 (this crazy pedal I use to loop and make ridiculous sounds with) and my legitimate looping pedal (because without it Windmills wouldn’t exist).

What is your passion second to music?
-I’m an arts kid through and through, I love writing, reading, and creating in every aspect of the word. Outside of that I’m a sports kid, which for some reason always catches people off guard…


Where can we find you on social media and do you have any YouTube videos?
-You can find me all over the internet, Google: windmills keep moving and you’ll be swamped with my life (and you can download my first album illegally, for free!) But if you’re interested in following my savage musical journey I’d suggest finding me on Facebook.
You can hear all my music on iTunes or
I have a Twitter account: @windmillsOK
and I do have YouTude videos! My account is windmillskeepmoving, I have a music video for my song “Fire” from last July, other live videos, and my most recent live video performance of my song “Her’s Place“, an as of yet unreleased track that will find it’s place on my next full length album next year (I mean…)

Windmills keep moving.
K ☮ ♡ Y

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