UBC Students keep their eyes on the prize

UBC students in chillin’ our before the morning Power class.

Yoga isn’t always considered affordable even to the average person looking for a good mind/body workout, but one particular yoga studio prides itself in allowing students access to yoga at an affordable price. Located in the midst of the beautiful Pacific Spirit Forest surrounded by ocean on the tip of the West Point Grey peninsula there is a boutique yoga studio giving world renowned University of British Columbia students a much needed break from the grind. “We allow participants an opportunity to hit the ‘reset button’ at any time of the school year” says The Hot Box Yoga co-founder Chris Bedford. “Because the modern yoga practice leans away from traditional yoga (it’s not uncommon to hear Drake ‘Hotline Bling blasting in class), students love it… we have a particular appeal to the 17-30 year old demographic” says Bedford claiming the physical benefits are equally as important as the mental. “It’s the age old ‘sound mind, sound body’ ethic presented in a more modern platform and the formula works for all ages and levels of experience.”

Vancouver teacher Tedi Martin puts the gals (and guys) into down dog.

With students from all faculties including physical therapy, kinesiology, Sauder business school and even Professors and University staff getting their yoga on, those attending class rave about its benefits. “Without The Hot Box I seriously wouldn’t have achieved such good grades because I would be too stressed out” says Louise Domenach a UBC student from Paris, France. “This is my happy place” says Nicole Sarden, a UBC student from Colombia. Bedford mentions that with all the construction going on at UBC at any given time that it’s not uncommon to see construction workers getting their yoga on too. “We’ve had the National Field Hockey team in the studio, Thunderbird Football players and even the UBC Cheerleading squad in the studio recently and they all had a blast” says head instructor and co-founder Sarah Wolton. “It’s a great location for students and people living in Wesbrook Village but a real treat for those looking for an inner-city escape…it’s hard to believe we are just a 10min drive from the centre of the modern yoga universe Kitsilano”. The Hot Box has also recently held workshops for the esteemed Tracy Anderson Method out of the USA. “They loved it here! …Shannon Wilson the co-founder of Lululemon and Kit and Ace also attended the event and was “loving our studio” says Wolton. We got a great photo together…I’m a huge fan of hers.”


Hot Box co-founder Sarah poses with her idol Kit and Ace co-founder Shannon Wilson 

The Hot Box offers great rates for regular guests and special corporate rates for UBC Faculty and Staff, but the most popular deal according to Bedford are the student deals that are offered for both fall and winter semesters. “We even offer a spring and summer session pass for students” says Bedford, its easy to just mirror the school schedule. “We have a map of the world that is representative of just how many people come from all over the world and in just four short months it’s almost impossible to find a place to pin!”

Kinesiology student Hailey Perry enjoys a cold lemongrass towel after class. Ahhhhhh!!!!!

The Hot Box also has a location in Kelowna and there are a large number of UBCO and Okanagan College students attending the beautiful downtown location. “We love our students and they are our future” says Manager Taylor Morrice. “It’s important to keep yoga affordable to every BODY.”

The Hot Box Yoga is located on the South UBC Campus across from the Save on Foods in Wesbrook Village above the BC Liquor Store in Vancouver and Downtown Kelowna beside Earls Restaurant across from the Sails fountain and Ogopogo.


The Hot Box Yoga Student Stetch Pass is available for just $269 and includes unlimited yoga Jan 1-Apr 30. All schools, ages and grades.

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