Hot Box Welcomes Yoga Instructors

The Hot Box Yoga has opened its arms to local yoga teachers and those in training with a low $10 drop in. With some yoga studios charging as much as $22 dollars a class, it’s a welcome relief to teachers looking not only to save money, but to take time out for themselves to practice. “We see some yoga instructors teaching 20 classes per week with no personal practice at all” says Hot Box co-owner Chris Bedford. “Teachers need to dedicate time to their own practice in order to inspire their students”. With so many new instructors finishing training it’s become more difficult for new instructors to find paid classes with so much competition, so the $10 drop in is a welcome opportunity for those watching their money.

Bedford also encourages instructors from other studios to visit The Hot Box that have not yet been to the studio. “The Kelowna yoga community is divided due to competition and that needs to change”. Some studios restrict their teachers from teaching elsewhere and it’s not right…there needs to be a paradigm shift and we are willing to do anything to make everyone feel welcome at our studio, and we will start with inviting teachers into our community for class”

Bedford was originally inspired to lower the drop in when he saw the Yyoga Flow was doing a similar offer in Vancouver. “It’s different in Vancouver…instructors teach at many different studios and despite competition between studios with equal enthusiasm to each, the yoga community is harmonious and without bias”

Instructors and those in training can simply give their name at the front desk to obtain the discount.


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