An Interview with The Hot Box Yoga Manager Anna Hall

Kelowna Yoga recently had a chance to sit down with The Hot Box Yoga Key Leader and Manager Anna Hall recently to chat about the Kelowna Yoga scene.  Here’s what she had to say.

  Welcome Anna so nice for you to join us for this interview.

Glad to be here! ;)


How long have you been the manager at The Hot Box?

I have been at The Hot Box since May 2013 when I started to work as karma staff. I have been the manager since April 2014, so almost a year now!


What have been some of the highlights of your experience so far?

That’s a tough question, there are so many of them! What drew me to the yoga community in the first place was the sense of home and belonging. Working with like-minded individuals who share the same interests and ideals makes the job that much easier. The biggest highlight of mine has been seeing people that I work with have intentions of pursuing yoga further, going to get their teacher training and then coming back to teach at the studio where it all started!


Do you practice yoga often?

I have a goal to practice yoga at least 4 times a week – of course this fluctuates! However, my handstand practice is daily and I’ve got the bruises to show for it…


What separates The Hot Box from other yoga styles?

The Hot Box yoga is unique in that we focus on providing a variety of class styles that are suitable for everyone. We are original and authentic, play sweet tunes, and have lots of energy in our classes.


What yoga clothing brands are you carrying?

We carry Onzie, Spiritual Gangster, Karma Collective, Kira Grace, Lululemon hard goodsbyoga, and of course, our very own The Hot Box Yoga brand. You can also find Teeki and other goodies on our eCommerce site The Hot Box Yoga Shop


You’ve recently expanded to Vancouver market, how is that going?

The big city is bustling and the new UBC location is jammed! It’s amazing to see The Hot Box Yoga community expand over two cities. Our memberships are valid at either location so now everyone can enjoy what we call the ’yoga pipeline’ with just ONE PASS.  Having a great location right on the UBC campus is beneficial as well, it’s a great complement to all the UBCO students we see here in Kelowna!


How would you compare the two markets (Kelowna/Vancouver)?  

The markets are both competitive and thriving but Kelowna seems to have some invisible boundaries and limitations between studios that tend to stifle the growth of the yoga movement as a whole. Vancouver seems to be remarkably liberated in terms of accepting all yoga styles, new teachers and in our case new studios. 


The Kelowna Yoga scene has been rumoured to be highly competitive and disconnected.  What are your thoughts on that?

When you run a business you are bound to face competition it is the reality of it. However, I believe all the yogis out there have been making an active effort to repair and rebuild community ties through various efforts. It’s great to see!


There has never been a Lululemon Ambassador at The Hot Box Kelowna.  WTF?

WTF is right!


The Hot Box has always been a pioneer when it comes to Stand up Paddleboard yoga. With SUP yoga season around the corner what do you have planned? 

We have Kristy Wright Schell coming back for SUP TT and SUP yoga TT in June which will also include our second annual ‘Serwa’s Summer Solstice Surf and Turf’ on June 21 where a giant yoga class is held both on the water (SUP) and on land! Go to for details 


Will you be doing Beach Yoga again this summer? 

YES! and yoga on the beautiful new pier! 


You’ve recently appointed Taylor Morrice in a new position as Team leader, what does that entail?  

As Taylor takes on her new leadership role, she will work closely with our brilliant team to ensure quality of instruction and also mentor new teachers. Tay is a true success story that’s for sure becoming one of our top instructors in just over a year. I could go on and on about our amazing team, Lindsay Hainstock, Tessa Murray, Michelle McCloud, new comers Caitlin Pells, Emilie Mann, Tara Greer, Hayden Davey and so on…

So they just left with this big studio to run?  That must have been a huge responsibility?

It may have seemed like that, right? What’s great about the studio is that it basically runs itself. Sarah and Chris are very hands on and we communicate daily. Our karma front desk staff is the most amazing, friendly, helpful group of people you will ever meet. Our instructors create such beautiful magic and teach outstanding classes. With our collaborative team effort, running the studio is really a piece of cake when you have the proper systems in place. 


What’s next for The Hot Box Yoga?  

We are beginning to roll out franchise opportunities throughout BC and Alberta and we are also working on our own clothing line as well as expanding our retail presence. We have also just launced our own App available now in the Apple Store! 


What’s next for Anna Hall?  

My interests have always been in travel, and with the world at my fingertips I know that doing a teacher training abroad is in my future. Beyond that, a possible opportunity may involve heading out to the West Coast, which is more than exciting!


Thanks Anna!

Peace out!

The Hot Box Yoga Studio has locations both in Downtown Kelowna and in Vancouver on the beautiful UBC Campus.



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