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Eating a vegan diet is easy as long as you have a good cook book and a creative spoon in the kitchen. But what happens when your friends want to dine out? There aren’t very many options for vegans besides a salad. Who wants to spend $14 on a vegan salad at a restaurant when it could be made so much cheaper and way better at home any ways… This is where Bai Tong Thai Food Restaurant steps up to the plate. They have so many tasty vegan options – they have a lot of gluten free options too! Win-Win!

What a lot of people don’t know is that fish sauce is very ubiquitous in Asian food restaurants, so ordering a meal without meat isn’t always safe for vegans or vegetarians.  Also, depending on your choice of dish, it might not taste good after removing the fish and oyster sauce as often the chef would be forced to use only one or two ingredients as sauce for your veggies and tofu. At Bai Tong it’s the same deal. Lucky for you I’m in love with Thai food and so I compiled this list of dishes that still taste delicious while removing all animal products.

For all of these dishes you can choose either tofu for protein or just veggies. Make sure you ask for them to be made without fish sauce or oyster sauce. Your taste buds will be happy as clams :)

#1 – Spring rolls – 100% vegan already

#5 – Lettuce wraps – ask for tofu instead of chicken

Salad Rolls – ask for tofu or veggie instead of prawns

Curry – All 9 of them tastes a-mazing without fish sauce <3 my favourite

Soups (2 kinds) – ask for it to be made without chicken stock or meat

#18A – Cashew dish with house sauce

#22 & 23 – Sweet and sour sauce

#24 – a bed of spinach, onions & bean sprouts with a side of peanut sauce – get this one with tofu

#47 – fried rice

#52 – peanut sauce

That’s a grand total of 20 dishes you can order vegan and still enjoy just as much! Bump it up to 21 dishes if the mango with stick rice dessert is in season. I know there aren’t very many restaurants with this many vegan options, which makes Bai Tong one of my favourites.

The photo is of #33 Pa-nang curry with tofu, brown rice, add broccoli.

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