About Kelowna Yoga

Kelowna Yoga is a non-biased open forum for yogis to connect, share, discover, learn…BE. YOGA. The ultimate guide to the modern yoga scene brought to you by a diverse group of yogis. Everything you always wanted to know about yoga but were afraid to ask.

Kelowna Yoga also features CHATuranga. A completely open forum designed to answer your questions. Whether you need help with your crow pose or where to find the best yoga mat. Questions will be answered within 24hrs by one of our knowledgable yogis and devoted yogi contributors.

Stay up to date with yoga workshops, events, specialty classes, guest teachers, and other yoga-related affairs throughout Kelowna and the valley. We pride ourselves in that we are a non-profit organization looking ONLY to share the LOVE of yoga.

Provided to you by authentic yogis & yoga teachers, and sponsored by our friends at The Hot Box Yoga in Kelowna BC.



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